ELHN Working Groups

Under the wings of ELHN a number of working groups are active, bringing together researcher for a specific theme. The organisation of working groups is largely informal. Working groups can have meetings, news letters and web sites of their own. Please consult the following pages for more information on a specific working group. If you want to create a new working group, please contact ELHN.

The ELHN Working Group [Name] was created in [Year] and aims at [Mission Statement < 40 Words].

*** This is a sample of random text *** A  spectre  is  haunting  Europe—the  spectre  of  Commun­ism.  All  the  Powers  of old  Europe  have entered  into  a holy alliance  to  exorcise  this  spectre:  Pope  and Czar,  Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals and German police spies.

In  the  earlier  epochs  of  history,  we  find  almost  every­where  a  complicated  arrangement  of  society  into  various orders,  a manifold  gradation  of social  rank.